Qualifications at Eaton Community College

There are a number of qualifications available at Eaton Community College for students to study at school. These are delivered by teachers within the school who hold nationally recognised qualifications. Currently these qualifications are delivered over both Year 11 and Year 12 with students obtaining a nationally recognised Certificate II.

Certificates being offered at Eaton Community College in 2018 include:

  • Certificate II Business
  • Certificate II Hospitality
  • Certificate II Creative Industries
  • Certificate II Sport & Recreation
  • Certificate II Information, Design Media and Technology

Certificate II Business
Students will gain a solid grounding in general office administration tasks through the use of learning activities and simulated work environments. Units of competency studied in this course include participating in work, health and safety procedures, use of software packages, use of a range of communication methods and working with others in a team environment.

Certificate II Hospitality
Students with an interest in pursuing a Hospitality career will find this course extremely useful. It introduces students to the fundamental core units of the Hospitality certificate courses and the essentials of working within a busy restaurant. The units are delivered with an emphasis on practical application of skills including customer service and team work skills.

This certificate provides a pathway for students who wish to work in various hospitality settings such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, cafés and coffee shops. It is a strong base for students who wish to pursue further training in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Certificate II Sport and Recreation
Students studying this qualification will develop basic knowledge and skills for work in positions within the sport or community recreation industry. Students are involved in tasks using practical skills and basic sport and recreation industry knowledge. Completing this qualification can allow students to pursue a career in locations such as sport and recreation centres, leisure and aquatic centres and facility maintenance and operations.

Certificate II Creative Industries
This qualification provides students with the knowledge and skills to work particularly within the media industry. Completing this qualification will allow students to pursue a career in the screen and media industry.

Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology
This qualification provides students with the knowledge and skills to work within the information and communications technology industry.