The English Faculty at Eaton Community College cannot be defined by one simple phrase. While at its core it aims to provide all students with the necessary literacy skills needed to live in an ever changing world, it is also a learning area where students explore communication in all its guises. Skills taught in our English classrooms enable our students to not only experience the power of language but also use it to empower themselves and assert their beliefs, attitudes, values and perspectives.

What happens in the English Classroom?

Walk into one of our classes during the year and you might see students reading anything from a fable to a classic or contemporary Australian novel. They may be studying the features of a play, a biography or a webpage. Perhaps they’re drafting an essay, putting the finishing touches to a short story, writing a poem or publishing their feature article. They could be delivering a persuasive speech, composing song lyrics, participating in a debate, writing a letter to the editor, producing a newspaper, critiquing a feature film, storyboarding a documentary or performing drama.

Senior School

Our Senior School students have the opportunity to work with specialist English Teachers who have experience in both the current ATAR English course as well as General and Foundation courses. Our students are given the opportunity to excel in small classes that facilitate a one on one model of learning, encouraging student understanding whilst nurturing confidence and a sense of pride in their work. To further assist our students in their journey of success, the Faculty offers weekly after school tutorials for Upper School courses along with OLNA as well as curriculum based excursions chosen specifically to maximise student results.

Lower School  

Our Lower School courses are modern and innovative.  They unite the understandings and expectations of the Western Australian Curriculum with the needs and context of our students. Our courses offer students practical, creative and analytical opportunities that allow them to build subject specific skills along with autonomy and a sense of pride in their work. Students have the opportunity to work with contemporary resources that reflect a variety of genres and contexts.


The English Faculty has a number of highlights throughout the year. These include:

  • Live Theatrical Performances
  • Poetry Readings
  • Short Story Competitions