Sister School Naruo

Our sister school Naruo Senior High School is in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

It is a senior high school, Years 10-12 with specialist English communication programs.

Our students regularly participate in Skype-based activities in both Japanese and English with students at Naruo.




Relationship Timeline

February 2015                   Established Sister School relationship

12th May 2015                    Our two schools were formally introduced via Skype during a staff meeting

15th June, 2015                  Mr Ijichi (Naruo Senior High school’s Principal) travelled to Bunbury to meet staff and students

9th-22nd Aug, 2015             We welcomed Maaya Fujii and Konomi Nakamura (Year 11) into our school for our first Sister School Exchange

23rd Sep, 2015                    Our first Sister School Visit to Naruo High School while on Japan Tour

1st October, 2015              Visit by sister school coordinator, Kristy Jaeckel, to Naruo Senior High School


It is hoped that the relationship between our two schools can continue to strengthen.