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Media Studies

Media Studies at ECC is taught to students from Year Nine to Year Twelve in our very well resourced Media Studios. Students are introduced to the significant role the media plays in modern society and are taught how to interpret, deconstruct and critique various media forms. Students complete many practical production tasks ranging from photographic portfolios, short animated films and film trailers through to complex short films, music videos and documentaries.


Year 9 Media Studies is an optional subject that students can select for those who wish to further their production skills and knowledge. The course runs for the whole year and consists of continued development of theoretical knowledge through the completion of individual written and short production tasks. Group productions include the creation of a film trailer, claymation animated short film and photographic portfolios.

Year 10 Media Studies is selected by students who have a real interest in the way the various media work, and wish to extend their practical skills on more involved and complex production tasks.  Students typically study television, print and TV journalism, photography and feature film.

Year 10 Music: 2016 is the first year class music has been taught at Eaton and the program is designed to allow students of all abilities and experience the chance to expand their skills and knowledge in a range of musical forms and for beginners to learn new skills. The focus is on contemporary music and students complete a range of listening and analysis activities, research assignments and performance tasks in areas of music that are of interest to them.  Students have the opportunity to learn and develop existing skills on guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

Year 11 and 12 Media Studies: Students have a number of choices when selecting Media in upper school.

ATAR Pathway: Media Production and AnalysisNatasha Bowron 2 (Copy)


Non-ATAR:  Media Production and Analysis General

Certificate II in Creative Industries
Design: Photography