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The ECC Drama department believe passionately, loudly and often overenthusiastically that the skills taught in Drama create confident, passionate and articulate young adults ready to face the world head on. Students studying the drama course are exposed to a variety of drama forms and styles, and learn the skills and techniques required to create vibrant and engaging performances, both of published and original scripts.

Students learn both acting and production skills, being required to undertake a number of behind the scenes roles increasingly using the new technologies available to them. Students actively reflect on their work and the skills they have learned, and build confidence through public performances to their peers and outside audiences.

Students work both independently and collaboratively, learning time management, interpersonal and leadership skills and being encouraged to show initiative in all tasks. Students learn to solve problems through analytical and creative thinking and are encouraged to work with a wide variety of other students.

The Year 7 Drama Course is a Semester long program that is designed to give students the building blocks for the study of Drama throughout their secondary school career. The focus is an overview of both verbal and non-verbal communication with an introduction to working with others and audience etiquette. Included in the programme is the study of improvisation, reader’s theatre and puppetry.

The Year 8 Drama course is a 13 week program that focuses on extending student’s understanding of improvisation technique and terminology. Students also begin their study of scriptwriting and melodramatic acting style.

The Year 9 Drama course is a year long program that enables students to rehearse, produce and perform a one act play. Students study the origins and history of theatre, producing a tutorial on a chosen era and making a detailed study of Commedia dell’ Arte.

The Year 10 Drama course is a year long program that prepares students for upper school drama study. Students have the opportunity to work
with published scripts and develop original scripts, both independently and collaboratively. Students take part in three performance projects, each involving aspects of acting, production and research. Students are introduced to more complex acting theories and backstage roles, and have the opportunity to focus more on their interests within the theatre industry.DSC_0255 (Copy)