As an Independent Public School (IPS) we are required to have a School Board.  The Board is charged with the responsibility of setting the long-term future of the school and maintaining oversight of the implementation of the school Business Plan. The School Board does not run the school – that is the job of the Principal, but rather, provides additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for students.

School Boards are made up of 3 member groups, being:

Parent Members – who bring their experience as parents at the school and the view and context of the wider school community to School Board Meetings;

Community Members – who bring wider perspectives, particular skills and expertise to the school Board. They may have business, accounting, building, or other skills that the school is looking for at that time; and

Department of Education Employees – who bring their educational expertise to School Board Meetings.

Some of the key activities undertaken by the school Board are:

  • contribute to the School’s Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA). This Document summarises what the school wants to achieve in the future and how it plans to get there. The agreement is signed off by the Chair of the Board, the Principal and the Director General of Education;
  • monitor the progress of the school’s Business Plan;
  • endorse and review the annual budget (this summarises the income received annually from the Department of Education and other sources, and also lists planned expenditure, including salaries);
  • assist with the formulation of Codes of Conduct (guiding principles that influence the decisions and actions that the school takes);
  • participate in a review of the performance of the school;
  • create interest, within and across the community, about the school;
  • approve fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use (booklists);
  • approve extra cost options components of programs;
  • approve arrangements for sponsorship or advertising;
  • provide advice to the principal on religious education and related activities.

Should you have any queries regarding the School Board, please do not hesitate to contact Kane Mack, Manager Corporate Services, by telephoning the School on 9724 4444.

Current Board Members are:

Ms Tracey McCloy – Board Chairperson – Parent Member;

Mrs Annette Scholes – Parent Member

Mrs Ruth Herrmann – Parent Member;

Mrs Tricia Jones – Parent Member;

Mr Brian Page – Parent Member;

Mr Mark Chester – Shire of Dardanup Representative – Community Member;

Mr Alan Brown – Department of Education Member;

Mr Kane Mack – Department of Education Member;

Mrs Toni Hotchin – Department of Education Member;

Mr Dylan Webster – Department of Education Member;

Mr Bryce Godfrey – Department of Education Member;


Board Meeting Summaries 2016


Board Meeting no. 26 – 16 February 2016

  • The Board was presented with the draft salaries and operational budgets for 2016 for further consultation.
  • Draft 2015 annual Report presented for feedback.
  • The Department of Education Finance Agreement for Schools was discussed.
  • Board was notified of operational matters impacting the school.
  • Alan Brown played the school promotional video that will be located on our school website.

Board Meeting no. 27 – 15 March 2016

  • The final salary and operation budgets were presented to the board and were approved.
  • The final Annual Report for 2015 was presented to the Board and was approved.
  • The Draft Business Plan for Eaton Community College was presented to the Board for initial consultation.

Board Meeting no. 28 – 31 May 2016

  • Board were advised of staff changes within the college.
  • Delivery and Performance agreement (DPA) was discussed and approved by the Board.
  • The 2016 Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) performance overview was presented to the Board by school Principal, Mr Alan Brown. Areas of improvement were highlighted along with areas that we are required to focus on.
  • Board were presented with a business case to expand our current 1:1 computer program to now include year’s 7 & 8. Board approved the program expansion commencing in 2017.

Board Meeting no. 29 – 9 August 2016

  • Principal’s report detailed some positive happenings around the school including the 2016 Canberra trip, Japan Foundation Scholarship Program and sister school exchange.
  • Predicted student number for 2017 discussed with the Board. Student Numbers play a critical part in the operational and financial planning for the 2017 school year.
  • Staff changes around the college discussed with the Board.

Board Meeting no. 30 – 6 September 2016

  • New board members welcomed and retiring members thanked for all their great work during their time on the Board.
  • Amendments to the school Business Plan were discussed and were approved.
  • Initial review of the 2017 fees, charges, contributions, items of personal use (booklists) and extra cost options was undertaken by the Board. These items will require board approval prior to being issued to families.


Board Meeting  no. 31  – 8 November 2016


Board Meeting no. 32 – 6 December 2016