NAPLAN Online will take place in weeks 3 and 4 of this term. The testing window runs from 15 – 25 May and our schedule is as follows:


Writing Tues 15 May Period 4 (40 mins)
Reading Wed 16 May Periods 1&2 (65 mins)
Conventions of Language Fri 18 May Period 1 (45 mins)
Numeracy Wed 23 May Periods 1&2 (60 mins)



Writing Tues 15 May Period 1 (40 mins)
Reading Thurs 17 May Periods 3&4 (65 mins)
Conventions of Language Fri 18 May Period 4 (45 mins)
Numeracy Thurs 24 May Periods 1&2 (60 mins)


The testing platform has been created in such a way that the tests MUST be completed in the order they have been scheduled. If a student is absent for a test session, they must complete this test before they can move onto the next one.  Catch-up sessions will be held as necessary for this purpose, however, to minimise the disruption this will cause, it is preferred that students are present for their scheduled sessions.

Students are requested to bring a set of headphones with them for each test session and they also need to bring their fully charged MacBooks.

Anyone wishing to withdraw their child from NAPLAN will need to complete a ‘Withdrawal Application’ form which can be obtained from the front office.

The last date to withdraw your child from NAPLAN is Thursday 10 May.

 Any questions, please contact Mrs Karen Hart at the College on 9796 7000.